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Jul 8, 2019
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I've started researching different bed racks as maybe a good alternative to a camper shell. Anyone else have experience adding a full setup similar to this:


The two vendors I've found so far is: &
Kbvoodoo seems to be the only one that plays well with a diamond back cover but doesn’t have the storage bins that leitner has. They seem to focused on roof top tents which I personally don’t need as I am pulling a trailer. I do need extra organized storage. Nuthuse industries are not delivering till next sept...
Does anyone have experience with any of the NutHouse Industries rack systems? They make several that look good. I'm curious about the overall fit and finish.



Diamondback and front runner just came out with a bed rack system

I am interested on if any bed racks (capable of holding Roof Top Tents) will fit over a BakFlip MX4 and allow it to open all the way to the front of the bed? I think I am going to have to build my own, but not sure.

I installed the Diamondback HD Bed Cover, then installed two, 37” x 56” front runner racks. Over each the front and rear panel. I did this so I could still open/access both the front and rear panels as needed. Installed both last week and very happy with the results.

I hadn’t seen anyone do this before and I had nothing to go off of. It took an huge amount of thought, research, measurement, re-measurement, etc. I was very apprehensive with how it would look, but overall I think it turned out great.

I also have built right panels in the bed with the high lift jack, axe, and shovel. Still working on ideas for how I want to store my recovery gear, want an air setup as well.


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Anyone have any experience with the Leitner designs tonneau cover compatible rack?

Anyone have any experience with the Leitner designs tonneau cover compatible rack?

Wow, glad to see they finally released a rack that will work with the retrax!