Bed Mounted 7/12 Connector


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Oct 3, 2020
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For those who ordered their trucks without the 5th wheel package, what is everyone doing to install the 7/12 pin connector inside the bed? I have the camera system and yaw sensor, but I currently have to run the cable for those systems over the top of my tailgate and down to the bumper. I know Nichols Welding Service sells an adapter, but I find it hard to believe that Ford doesn't sell the connector that comes standard on the trucks built with the 5th wheel prep package...
I thought I saw some folks installing 5th wheel packages after getting the truck and cutting the bed and installing the 7/12 connector mount in the bed. Sorry Im no help but hopefully someone has done it and chimes in.
I have not done it yet, but I saw someone post this part number on the facebook group:

You can buy it and let me know if it works :)

Edit: In hindsight, it looks like the newer version would be LC3Z-15A416-B instead of A at the end. I am not sure what the difference is.
I bought the "A" version a few months ago and it was just the normal 7 pin type adapter, which was better than nothing (at least I could plug my 5th wheel into the bed for brakes and lights). Maybe I'll try the "B" version to see if it comes with everything needed, hopefully there is a mounting plate too.