Banks Pedal Monster


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Feb 21, 2021
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The more I hear about frustrations with the pedal lag and read about how happy folks have been with the pedal monster, the more it seems like a no brainer mod for the price. And hell, even I can install it haha.

That said, has anyone experienced a noticeable decline in fuel economy using this? I assume if you put it on 10 in track mode you’ll see it, but what about a lower setting on sport or city? I was reading that was something to be cognizant of so figured i’d ask the group.

I run mine at City 5 and don’t see any diffeeence in the fuel economy. I definitely notice an improvement in the lag but still drive fairly mellow.
I lost about 1.5 mpg around town, but it is worth it in my opinion. I have done one trip with it and highway mileage is the same as before I installed the pedal monster.
I haven’t noticed lower economy with my 6.7. I do notice that it’s a lot more fun to drive ?