AVS in-channel window rain guards


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Mar 13, 2021
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I just installed these, so in typical fashion I'm putting the cart before the horse, but has anyone else installed these? An install video I watched said leave windows up for a few days. Just curious about other people's experiences. My 2010 came with them installed when I bought it used. Never an issue with them.
Ive done weathertechs in the past. They can be a little stiff at first. Some cars have the auto window down feature and will need a few tries. I have put on a few of the double sided tape stick on types as I dont want to ruin the window tint. Sometimes the extra pressure of the in channel will damage the tint.
Leave the windows up and the truck in the sun a couple days.
If you don't when you auto window up they pop out a little and the window sensor kicks in and puts the window back down. I prefer the stick on ones as they give a little more gap and airflow.
Once I actually installed them correctly everything worked just fine. :LOL:
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