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Jan 31, 2021
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I have ordered an XLT tremor. I have overlooked that it only has manual climate control. I know someone that has a XLT ranger that has it, and a truck that is double the price and the same trim, I would have thought it would come with it.

Does anyone know what it would take to install one after the fact?

Yep. F150's & Rangers have features Super Duty's don't. It's around $4000 on-top of your already very nice XLT to step up to the Lariat. Additionally, Ford offers three Lariat Pkgs you can choose from, Base, Value and Ultimate. Leather Wheel, Leather and Power Passenger Seat, Driver Memory Controls and Auto Temp A/C are just a few of the standard Luxuries in base Lariat and higher trim models.
Do a search on google for F150 climate control upgrade. Folks have swapped a lariat hvac control in an xlt and made it work with forscan as most everything is there. You will not have dual zone and heated seats will prob not work if you have those. I thought about messing with it but after owning my xlt for a few months it really is not that big of a deal when you figure out how you like the settings. I rarely mess with it now, initially I was fiddling with it constantly.