Autohaulersupply (hammerlock) coupler install - help no longer needed


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Mar 13, 2021
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Anyone know how these get installed? Specifically the "spacer" pieces seen in the bottom of the picture that must lock the pin that holds the 2 halves together ...
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FYI the picture isn’t loading for me. Link goes to a “Page Not Found”.
Had to c-clamp the c-clamp, but got them on.

Thank you @Datasponge for this tip! I bought the autohaulersupply hammerlocks and a 6" C-clamp (my 5" wasn't going to cut it), but was about to toss in the towel until I searched on here for recommendations. Clamping the clamp was the trick. Oh, and realigning every few turns (before I realized this I was literally bending the handle of my clamp fighting a bad angle where the pin and clamp were no longer true.

The first side was such a s@# show that I chipped up the paint on safety chain opening. I'm sure it wouldn't look pretty for very long no matter what, but still it bothers me on principle that I chipped it up due to my stupidity. Once I figured out the process the second side went on without issue and in under two minutes. For certain these things are not coming off until I replace the hitch/truck.

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