TOTM August 2020 Tremor of the Month Is...


This month's contest was awesome! We had 13 incredible Tremor photos that potentially all could have been winners. The contest originally ended with a two way tie between @Riokayak & @UtahPowder. I decided to extend the contest an extra few days to break the tie and the Magnetic Gray Tremor won out with a total of 16 votes!

We would like to congratulate @Riokayak for winning the August 2020 Tremor of the Month! Thanks again to everyone that took the time to submit a photo and place a vote! We had a total of 65, making it another record turn out. We'll be getting another contest the first week of September so stay tuned! If you have any suggestions for a theme, please post in this thread.
Congrats, that's a great picture!!
Beautiful pic, love the color of the truck in the photo as well!

That's a double rainbow, isn't it??

I didn't even notice the double rainbow until you mentioned it, that is cool!