Atomic Game Changer

That's got me thinking, "Wonder if I should get that?" - even though I have absolutely zero need for such a thing.

Cool. I hope it keeps you safer - as it sounds like you actually have a need for it.
You can also use it when traffic is coming to a halt to warn people behind you.
Waiting to see someone wire these up to their uplifters! I’m sure LE loves folks running around with these but they would be helpful to subtly remind the guy in front of you that you’re there and want to get by!
Dang that's sweet! So sweet that $300 might just disappear from my bank account... You got some pictures/a video you can share? Thanks.
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Difference between this and Z flash?
I have zflash which is also a bcm flasher. Seems very similar to me. Unfortunately I had to exchange my first zflash. The strobing was awesome, but the kit seemed to have a defective module.
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good to have it!

drivers are getting worse these days.

I wish I had it when I had a blow out on my trailer
It pisses me off when people do have hands-free built in their modern car and they continue to hold a phone in their hand while attempting to drive.

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