Anyone know how to add cab lights??


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Aug 31, 2020
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I picked up my tremor 2 weeks ago and it had every option I wanted ...except clearance/cab lights. I wondered if anyone has experience adding factory cab lights to the 2020 F250. I assume I’d need the lights, harness, and a manual showing how to remove the headliner. Anyone have any info on this? Also, how would I find the tremor blacked out lights?
I'm going to give this a bump because I wanna know also.
There is a company that makes wireless ones that are individually battery powered but $$$$$
Go to Just Diesels on YouTube, he has a great video on the wireless cab lights.
I wanted cab lights and I asked the dealer if they would install them on the lot if I bought one without and the answer I got was a resounding "NO"

Some people have no problem cutting into their cab but I believe you are going to pay for it if you go that route becasue of the liability.