Anyone Installed The EcoHitch Hidden Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver


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Oct 14, 2020
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Has anyone installed this hitch on their tremor. I didn’t see the install instructions on etrailer’s web site so I’m wondering how difficult it is.

I have it in the garage but haven't installed yet, You have to remove the bumper and cut some of the plastic. The only thing I'm worried about is touching the adaptive cruise module. It looks like that may have to come off and from talking to my brother (Ford tech) it seems it may have to be re-configured.

Ps, I have the install instructions so I've attached them.


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just tagging @Fencelizard as he was the guy that installed it in the first link. Also hoping maybe he can answer my question about the adaptive cruise.
Thanks Hesge for posting the install instructions. I don’t have the ACC some mine might be simpler.
I have ACC and there was no change to it. You also will not have to use the oil cooler relocating hardware. Becuse the Tremor was so new and I was basically the first one to install their unit, they didn't know what would happen other than they knew it would fit. BTW I have the 6.7 Diesel. Not sure on the 7.3.