Anyone have any issues with their track bar bracket (vs adjustable track bar)?


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Oct 10, 2020
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I’m hoping to order my leveling kit tomorrow. I’m leaning towards a kit with the track bar bracket. I called Readylift, and they indicated I didn’t need the adjustable track bar with the leveling kit. Also, some of their $1,000+ kits are sold with the track bar bracket (even the 6.5” lifts). My truck will be used on-road only.

I appreciate their feedback, but is there anything I’m over looking regarding the adjustable track bar?

Thanks :cool:
Are you going larger tire diameter?
I will keep mine stock maybe new wheels in the spring.

I put a redilift leveling kit on my Raptor and it drove like crap so I took it out. It was just a round spacer that goes over the front coil. but it killed the geometry. had it on the alignment rack twice played with the caster but still no good.

Is your truck a 7.3 or 6.7? Mine is 6.7 and its good enough, I am thinking the 7.3 may sit a tad higher cause its lighter and the suspension is supposed be the same.

Back to the track bar, Have a big lift on my Rubicon ( I know jeep but its a solid axle vehicle ) My kit came with a beefer track bar with lots more adjustment range. The alignment guy loved it.
I installed a PMF 1 1/2" leveling kit and also installed their adjustable track bar. This bar probably wasn't necessary with this small of spacer but I thought I would avoid any future issues or chances of Death Wobble while I was at it.
This track bar is a monster! Huge hiem joint in each end and the lower end joint has a heavy rubber covering like a bag that keeps out debris. I have used a lot of PMF parts and kits over the years and have been very satisfied with the quality and the service Trevor offers. The steering wheel was off center from the lift but it was easy to adjust using the sleeve on the existing drag link. Using the bracket will work until the track bar is worn and loose and will save some $ until then.
My Carli kit came wit the adjustable track bar and I is also a beast! took into a good local alignment guy, and have had NO issues. Drives better than stock.
My suspension guy claims that he's been having alignment issues with the new 2020s and relocation brackets, so he's recommending the adjustable track bar over the relocation bracket for all 2020+ Super Duties. It's not surprising considering the new suspension geometry of the Super Duty refresh.