Anyone Besides Me Still Waiting On Trailer Camera/ TPMS Option To Arrive?


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Nov 1, 2020
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I took delivery of my Tremor the first week of March and I still haven't received my Trailer Camera/ TPMS equipment. I'm just wondering if they are still really back ordered or if it's just my dealer screwing up again. Anyone else still waiting? Has anyone received this recently? When I look to order it online, it says that the order fulfillment will take 2 weeks.
I got my box with the camera/TPMS last week. The dealership called and told me they had found a box and matched it up with my VIN. I have no idea how long it had been sitting on the shelf before the parts guy decided to figure out who it belonged too. Ive had the truck for about two months.
I received my camera/TPMS package almost two months to the day that I took delivery of my Tremor.
The box was delivered to the selling dealership with my VIN and name on a supplemental sticker that was attached to the box.
My Parts guy said that he heard, unfortunately, sometimes (But not in my case) the boxes arrive at the dealerships and are checked into inventory and just put on the parts shelf as stock inventory!
I hope you guys get your box real soon!

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