Anyone add a remote start to a 2022?


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Nov 1, 2021
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I bought a 2022 F250 tremor. I unintentionally did not select lariat value when building the truck, therefore I did not get a factory remote start. I found several aftermarket plug and play systems that use the factory key fob. However, they all provide a T harness that plugs in into the gateway plug behind the OBD port. Problem is the 2022 does not have a gateway plug. The wiring goes directly into the back of the OBD2 port (see pics). Wondering if anyone has found one that will work? TIA


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New to the forum, I'm trying to figure out this port as well. My SD has the factory led headlight and there are no high beam trigger wires to tap into for my light bar (need to be tied into high beams here in Canada).

I have a device from Canam8 that snoops the canbus for a high beam on signal and then powers a trigger wire for a relay. I'm assuming it works similar to how amp research actuates their power steps...

Canam8 says that they are finding that the rangers in the UK don't have a true obd2 port under the dash and you must follow the harness deeper to get to the gateway module or smart data link module.

I've yet to find my module under the dash to tap the correct data port wires, if there is an actual module further back.
the remote start company said the gateway is accessed from the glove box on the 22's. i have not checked to confirm that or not.
You may have a hidden remote start already built in. Try lock, unlock, lock with your key fob. This was the case with f150 with the Fordpass connect
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Any updates? I'm going through the same thing currently. Picked up a 22 250 lariat that does not have remote start and am wanting to add it as well.
Following for updates