Any recent resolution(s) to the microphone levels used when calling with Apple Carplay and Sync 4?


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Oct 4, 2022
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Guys.. Im going crazy.

Are others here still struggling with microphone issues in their Tremor's when using Apple Carplay? I will easily take 20-30 phone calls a day from my truck (some work related, some personal) and people can NEVER hear me. I have now developed a habit where I opt for speaker instead of carplay when the phone is answered. Its a total pain in the a** and drives me mad, considering this truck had a sticker of $90k or more... I have been in $20k Kia rental cars with better quality calling. Local Ford dealer put the blame on apple.

I did a full reset on my Sync 4 system, and ensured it is the most updated it can be. Same with my iPhone. Truck is a Lariat Ultimate 2022.

Many thanks in advance from me, my clients, my employees, and my family.....
I've had intermittent issues with mine for about a year now. Sync 3 tho since mine is 2020 and I'm android as opposed to Apple. So you're not totally alone. I have noticed that it's only an issue with incoming calls, and only some of the time. If I switch it to speaker phone and back to the truck mic then it will work for that call. I never found anything on any of the forums that talks about resolving this.
This is a very easy fix. Get an Android and all your worries will disappear. I'm a fan of car play 🤪
I have a ‘22 Lariat Ultimate and have been one of the lucky ones with the OTA updates working. My system and iPhone 15 Pro are both fully updated. I used wired CarPlay every day and have not had any issues whatsoever. Even the noise cancellation seems better than my previous truck (non-scientific measurement based solely on input from my wife and coworkers).

My suspicion is you have a bad mic and the service advisor doesn’t know any better or want to deal with a fix as I’m sure that’s a pretty rare repair and their techs may not have much experience. Now, I admit I’m making a wild assumption there, but if you’ve updated your phone and reset sync, it’s likely not a software issue. Gain on a mic is primarily an analog function and not a digital function. My bet is this is hardware related.

I hope you find some resolution soon as I know this has to be more frustrating than you spelled out.
As @texrun50 has suggested I'd say it's the mic. I know we all want things to be covered under warranty, maybe price out the mic (lots of cheap OEM parts through Ford dealers), get the trouble shooting/service manual subscription foe under $25 for three days. Even if you just get the trouble shooting done yourself for $25 that might be cheap enough to answer any questions.
Thanks everyone for your comments.

Im at the point where I truly dont care what it costs. Even if the mic was a few hundred $$$. Despite sounding a bit trivial, with how much work I do from behind the drivers seat, this mic thing is big problem. Plus not being hands free opens me up for tickets and/or an accident.

Ill try to stop by a dealer and get their take.