Antimatter vs Blue Jeans comparison. Paint sheets


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Oct 19, 2020
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Don't mind the new member status, but it's me, the FNG. I know a lot of people are wondering the color difference, and I know there are pics of the F150 and Bronco out there. My buddy owns a dealer, here in MI, and a customer of his has a SD coming in on the 24th of this month (tentatively speaking) and if no other trucks have already been posted then I will get those pictures up.

I was ready to order a Blue Jeans and as you all know, no longer available. AM is just too dark for me so I went with Star White but I wanted to share the chip sheets with you all. Maybe these will help a tad.


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Thanks for sharing. i actually like the darker blue hue of AM. I've got a blue jeans truck and i love the color
This is awesome. I have an Antimatter Blue Tremor coming in a few weeks and have been curious how different the color was going to be from the blue jeans color.
That is a LOT better visual then the 1"x.5" paint sample brochure the dealer gave me. AM looked black in mine.
Any chance you are bored enough to do a Magnetic vs Carbonized Grey? Or if you are really bored, throw in stone grey, lithium grey, and iconic silver.
Thanks for this, I have an antimatter blue scheduled for build date next week and tentative delivery date of the week of 11/16. I like the darker blue color, so seeing this makes me even happier that I chose it.
I have a two tone antimatter/ stone gray one coming. I like the darker blue. Thanks for this.