Another Texan just pulled the trigger


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Feb 2, 2021
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SW Texas
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2021 6.7L F350 Platinum Tremor
Well I just put my order in today for an F350 Platinum Tremor (Iconic Silver) with the 6.7L and almost all of the options. Kind of cutting it close for a 2021 with all of the talk of a "short run" for SuperDuty's that I've been reading about. Got to say that I'm super stoked.

I finally got tired of white-knuckling from towing with my Raptor. Looks like a great group of members here.
Welcome! What part of the Republic you in?
Congrats on your order, it will be here before you know it! Your going to like Iconic Silver!
Welcome Redspringer! Congrads On Your Order!! ??
Congratulations and welcome.
Congrats, fellow Texan ?
Welcome to the Party, from a fellow Texan.
Thanks. Right now it's sunny and dry El Paso.
congrats! ?
......and I’m glad we have another member from TX, here! ??

PS: here’s a friendly heads-up, from one Texan to another:
further reading of this Forum will cost you money ? ?
There are some cool mods & add-one out there, and this Forum is a great place to learn about them....but hang onto that wallet, ‘cuz some of them aren’t cheap ?
Congratulations and welcome to the club.
Awesome welcome to the show!
Welcome to the forum from Austin! Congrats on the Tremor order! ?