Another 23 design blunder no one seems to be talking about

Mine just update. Will check tomorrow
Mine updated a couple days ago. It held the dash setting while I fueled up this morning but not overnight. The stupid back seat occupant warning started up again and I had to dig through the menus to shut it up for a few months. This nonsense irritates me to no end. This is easily the most annoying vehicle I have ever owned. All the dang chimes, warnings, alerts (and the stunningly stupid seatbelt screen at every startup) just suck.

end of rant, for now
Anyone else notice their headlights seem to change/flicker/something while driving slowly and doing a U-turn?
Do they? Thats interesting. Ill have to look into that. TY
Two day ago i received 5.2.1 and now I received 5.2.2 with some kind of smart changes. No kidding. That’s all it says, smart changes. I guess one has to be smart enough to figure out what changed.
I noticed my seat belt chime turns off after a few minutes vs. before the update —disclaimer - I like wearing my seat belt. I got caught in the rain and was trying not to stick to the leather seats and noticed it didn’t stay constantly on as usual.
Potential 2023 buyer here very soon…is this issue fixed? I saw Ford came out with a 5.3.1 software update recently.
I went to software update yesterday while in the truck, made sure to have automatic updates on, and said "no updates avail" or something alone those lines. Nothing has changed. Still boots to the default menu everytime I start the truck.
Anyone else have the "23 with the 7.3 and feel like it just does not want to stop?