Another 23 design blunder no one seems to be talking about

It’s the digital dash aka instrument clusterF. The design is incomplete and just plain awful to navigate. I stopped by local dealer to play with one on a lariat, and was shocked how unintuitive and unbalanced it felt compared to my 22. Shit’s all over the place to find. My 22 aint perfect, but its a lot more straightforward and nicer to work with.

Here this dude summed it up nicely in this video.

And then he compared it to a 24 GMC new digital dash which i haven’t tried myself but it does look a lot more thought out than does Ford’s 23.

I have to agree with you on this. I hope Ford will offer an update that will take care of this soon !
I've always been an early adopter for new technology so appreciate the move to an all digital display, but I didn't consider the point you're making above regarding the digital cluster. It seems like it could be a safety issue should the screen fail. I wonder what safe guards / redundancy is in place should that occur or will people be flying blind?

Having driven vehicles in the past where the mechanical gauges were broken, I do think for regular roadway driving, most drivers would be fine estimating speed versus other vehicles to get to a safe place to stop. If there's something else mechanically wrong, that puts a bit more pressure on the driver to sense what is wrong and how much time they have before total failure occurs should they continue to drive the truck once the display fails.
Uggh ! Your trim level, tonneau cover and fifth wheel package (also the spray in bed liner if you ordered it) is what is keeping it in a delay status. So sorry 😞, but look at it this way, when you get that call to come pick it up will be a GREAT DAY ! It’s something to look forward to ! You will be so HAPPY when you leave the dealer with it and you will remember my words !
I have to agree with you on this. I hope Ford will offer an update that will take care of this soon !
I’m promise I’m not normally snarky or sarcastic, but this immediately made me think “well if the update process for Sync is any indication, I bet an instrument cluster firmware update from Ford goes super smooth and simple for everyone”. :)
Here’s yet another digital clusterfuck story:
The SD cluster and screen actually are very similar to the ones in the 23 Escape we just got. Not terrible but I like the 22 SD better. I am also not a fan of the new steering wheel control layout. Probably because I am so used to the other configuration/layout which has been around seemingly forever... It seems like a change for change sake.
We have a 23 explorer. It seems all of the 23's have essentially the same instrument panel (that sucks). Since I have been driving the explorer a little, I find that I do not like the instrument cluster at all. Very little pertinent information is available and there is little ability to make changes. I am not a fan of the tach and speedo as they are and prefer a sweep gage with needle.
The steering wheel on the 23 explorer is also what will come on the super duty. Change just for change sake. I am liking the 21 wheel which was just like my wife's 16 explorer. The new 23 wheel buttons are different. I am trying to learn new finger placement for the buttons but I really miss the old wheel. I am not looking forward to having the same wheel on the super duty. The toggle buttons suck compared to the older design. I also liked the buttons being below the centerline of the wheel. The new design sucks for my preference. I am going to be researching if a 21 or 22 wheel can be swapped into the 23. Has anyone done this yet?
I am also not a fan of the new climate control station. Why do I have a button to change the location that the air is blowing from (which is a very important function) and then I have to choose on the touch screen? WTF!!!!!! How can you F up something so simple as this? It takes an idiot to make this change and think it is an improvement. What manager reviewed this change and gave the OK?
For now I will cease with my rant and get off of the soap box. I am still not sure if I will purchase the 23 when it comes in. The wife and I will go look at it and do a test drive. I will then play with the dash and try to decide if it is worth the added cost to upgrade to a truck that is less user friendly. I may walk away and let someone else take it.
I wonder if it would be wise for anyone taking delivery of a 23 to know and take any initial steps required by the lemon law in their state. If I spend $70K - $100k for a new vehicle and it is going to be out of service for weeks, Ford better be making my payment, giving me a comparable rental, and even buying it back if they can't fix it quickly. Downside is then you likely go to the back of line for a replacement.
The steering wheel on the 23 explorer is also what will come on the super duty. Change just for change sake
Yep! I have gotten used to the Escape wheel - just took it on a 600mi trip. It's just not as intuitive, imo, vs. the previous Ford Corp. wheel layout.
Wow, these just keep coming. Does Ford have a massive problem brewing with these digital clusterf***?
Looks like Ford is expanding the "coast to coast" display in the Lincoln line. Wonder how long it will take before full dash displays makes it to the Ford line.

Looks like Ford is expanding the "coast to coast" display in the Lincoln line. Wonder how long it will take before full dash displays makes it to the Ford line.

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Imagine having to replace that infinite display out of warranty. Or even during warranty, that thing goes i have a feeling the car will be totaled.
I keep seeing issue after issue with these 23 screens, and not just the cluster. I don’t what to think anymore. At least to me all these 23 betas are stay away from territory.

Now I am worried about picking up my 23. My Purgatory truck has not had any issues.
It looks like the all the major mfg. are going the full digital instrument cluster. Was looking at new Dodge, GM, Toyota/Lexus and their higher trims all have them. Whether we like them or not, it seems like that's what we'll have to expect these going forward.

While I think Ford is a leader when it comes to tech for pickups, looking at what other mfgs. have done, they seem to miss the mark on execution. That or the others watch Ford and then take their ideas and improve on them. GM/Dodge are increasingly making more compelling alternatives to Ford and the TRX, Bison/AT4X are good examples. I still think Ford is #1 product, but if they can't get production and quality under control they'll lose those customers who are either brand agnostic or no longer loyal to the brand.
I’m still rather surprised how bare/sparse the new cluster looks. I drove one yesterday and it looked like an elementary school project. I’m actually all for clean and simple, but something about it looks actually too plain on a screen that big. The GMC version & even a recent Jeep Grand Cherokee L rental I had with full digital seemed more…refined/crisp/well thought out. I’m keeping my ‘22 for at least 12 yrs, so maybe by 2035 they get it figured out. :)