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Aug 16, 2020
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Has anyone on the forum purchased and installed this step on a Tremor? My other trucks had 33 inch and smaller tires so when I needed to reach over the bed side rails I would sometimes use the tire as a step. Not getting younger and find 35" a bit much for a step height. Manufacturer site shows fitment for 2020 F250 but our truck is not the run of the mill F250 with its tire size and these steps mount on the frame right in front of the rear tire.

Thanks in advance.
I bought one during black Friday but returned it after installing it. It was too close to the cab and wasn't helpful in getting to my 5th wheel hitch. It's probably better than nothing but not exactly what I wanted. I haven't been able to find anything else. Good luck.
I have 2 of them, one on each side. They’re great for reaching stuff up against the cab. Easier to step over to the tire from them too.
On order... I’ll let you know when they show up. Have the ford version on my f150 and use them all the time.


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I figured they would be pretty far forward but I could side step over to the tire. They are always shown installed on the drivers side so it's good to know it will fit either side. AMP is offering rebates on the power steps, bedsteps, and bed extender till the end of the month so that prompted the inquiry.
I have them on both sides. It makes accessing the drop in bin easier.
Website shows $270 for the side bed step and you get a $40 rebate. Tempting.
There are other sites that have a call in price. You can save another $30. Supplies are running out. The tailgate extender has the same rebate and costs the same oddly enough. Seems like You get more for your $ with the extender though. I have never had the steps but my last truck had an extender similar in shape to the AMP's which seem to cover more space than the Ford's which cuts the corners pretty good. I use the extender a lot due to not having a 8' bed.
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