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Aug 11, 2020
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So I got a new 6.7 Tremor F350 and my neighbor got a new 6.7 Tremor F250, with the HD trailer tow package. As I understand it, that basically makes his an F350 with bigger axle and extra spring or whatever. Anyway. He has a big 5th wheel camper. He hooked it to the new tremor and it squatted the truck about an inch and a half or so he said. He then ordered some airbags to level it back up. My question is, does that need to be done? It was probably JUST starting to put weight on the overload springs. Isn’t that what they’re for???? I mean with no natural rake of a tremor where it has the leveling kit from the factory, it would squat some with any moderate payload (he was well within his payload sticker rating). I’m sure all the fancy ford engineers know what they’re doing when they design a truck.

The Tremor does have a rake to it. I think it's close to 2 inches higher in the rear if not more. Also, Ford never claimed it was a leveling kit, they said it was, I think, 2 inches higher than a non-Tremor. I have air bags on mine, but you are right, the truck is made to squat... it just looks like crap when it does. Airbags really only help with looks more than anything else when it comes to HD trucks... and keeping from blinding other drivers with your headlights in the air. Also, just FYI...all Tremors have the F350 spring packs in the rear. You don't need any package to make that happen. Check out this video.

So are you suggesting that the customer gets nothing in return for the $1,130 for the heavy duty trailer tow option in the F250?
I watched your video, it’s nice and all, but you can’t tell spring rate with a tape measure. It would not take take much of a difference in thickness, width or even tempering, to change the spring rate, thus the capacity.

Nevertheless, my question was more what de rates the tow/payload of tremor versus non tremor? Not so much F250 vs F350. Why is the tow rating for the tremor 5,000 pounds less than a non tremor? What part, or lack of a part, makes it less?


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