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Sep 28, 2020
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I am very much interested in potential solutions for rear air suspension, as I will be doing a fair amount of towing with my Tremor 350. I primarily pull gooseneck-style, whether it's a triple axle gooseneck livestock trailer or our 5th wheel camping trailer.
I have researched this topic, here, quite a bit, but I am still uncertain of my options. I've read where one forum member installed the Air LIft "LoadLifter 5000" w/internal jounce bumber. I believe another member mentioned that during install (I don't recall what brand), some of the carriage bolts weren't quite long enough...any other issues?
To those of you that have done/had an air bag install, and/or those of you that have researched this topic, please educate me on what works (brand name, model #, etc) and any hiccups (problems) that you ran into.
I have a '21 F350 Tremor ordered; and while i can't know for certain that everything will remain the same as a '20, I'm betting on it, so please educate me. On my previous p/up, I had air suspension w/onboard compressor and would like to go back with something similar. I will be purchasing air suspension, soon.
Thanks guys!

edit: I found another thread about this, so I tried to delete this thread, but I'm unable..
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