Air Conditioning Drain


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Jan 1, 2020
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I forgot to post this sooner but here you are anyways. I was cleaning the inside of my truck one day and I noticed the carpet was wet below the dash on the passenger side. I actually encountered this issue on my 2018 expedition a year earlier so I knew about the problem. This issue seems to affect F150s, Expeditions from the past 15 years as well as 2017 plus Super Duties. When I had the issue in my expedition the car smelled really bad so the water must have sat for a while without me knowing, I took it to my dealer and they had to go through hoops with Ford to have the whole passenger side carpet replaced. After a month of waiting I got it back with fresh carpet and fixed drain. The cause for this a poor design of the A/C drain coming out of the firewall above the inner fender on the passenger side. The way Ford designed it is the drain hole faces forwards allowing air to blow the water back into the cab and soak your carpet. Luckily my truck didn't get too wet like the expedition so I just vacuumed it up and let it air dry. To prevent it from happening again I used a small 90 degree pcv hose and put it on the drain. Turns out my dealer did the exact same thing. The parts costs less than 5 bucks at any parts store, I believe its is about 3/4 inch diameter. Now with the bend on it, air can't blow the water and you can now see the water pour out of the system.

Here is a picture of it installed.
drain (2).jpg