Air Bags: 2020 F350 - ARB - Firestone - Viar


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Sep 9, 2020
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2020 F350
I've seen several posts regarding on-board air, so here is what I did. Truck is a 2020 F350 SRW Crew Cab:

1. ARB dual compressor. It's rated to be in the elements, has dual compressors with 100% duty cycle, and has a built in 150psi cutoff. So no additional gadgets to regulate it turning on / off. I've run these for years in our Jeeps, and have had zero failures.
2. Firestone Ride Rite Red Label Bags. Necessary, no. However, extremely easy to install, awesome instructions, and I have not experienced any negative ride when unloaded.
3. Viar 3 gallon tank. Why, because Amazon had it in stock and it would fit in front of my spare tire.
4. AirLift in cab switch
5. 1/4" push to connect fittings from Amazon
6. Extra air hose from Amazon

To mount the compressor, I drilled a few holes in the spare tire bracket aligned to the compressor. Only 4 of the 8 holes need to be connected per the instructions. Fun fact, I used screws and spacers left over from installing our TV's on the wall....I knew keeping them would come in handy!

For mounting the air tank, I just used some angled metal from Lowes and some self tapping screws. Then a support bracket out of a flat band of metal bent to shape.

Power was run from the battery and to an upfitter switch at the front of the truck. I just made a length of wires and ran them down the passenger side.

Air line was run down the same path, and I just used push fitting off Amazon. Since the compressor has an internal 150psi shutoff, lines are just run to each thing you want off the tank. For the Bag Control, I used an AirLift gauge ran through the passenger floor, up to the dash glove box.

Last pic is of the air chuck connection I ran to the right of the license plate. Super simple, it's the same push connection used on the tank, just pushed through the bumper with a fitting on the outside.







Looks super clean. Nice setup!