Advancetrak and Exhaust Particulate error 500 miles


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Feb 17, 2021
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Hey all - just picked up a new 21 F250 Tremor and have about 550 miles on it now. Took it for a drive and it started to snow, within a few miles it tossed advancetrak warning message, disabled all the modes and those features on me, and later started throwing DEF faults. DEF faults cleared but pedal was dead after about 1100 rpm unless I let out and back in again then it would drive mostly normal - made for some sketchy miles between where I was and the house. Now getting exhaust bank 1 particulate pressure sensor not communicating errors and a CEL. No idea - but i called the dealer since I’d only had it a couple days and they said to tow it in via roadside, I was waiting on a wrecker two days before I told them to just cancel it and I’d limp it down to the dealer when the weather eased up some.

A quick google search shows people having sensor issues on these but very little info - is there anything that stands out as a possible quick fix since the dealer here has been closed since last week because of weather? I keep thinking blocked sensor/a or loose wiring but at 500 miles I sure wish I had a dealer to run it to for a repair!
Ive heard about sensors being replaced but I think its best for the dealer to take a look at it. Sorry for the trouble and hope you can get it taken care of quickly.
Right on - and thank you - it’s hard to be patient but it’s all I can do - I hope they end up opening again this week, I’ve only driven the truck a few times and this all happened - this truck cost more than my first mortgage so I’m really bummed but hopefully they can sort it quick. It’s hard to see it sitting there when there’s so much snow to tear up LOL
Just a quick update - I managed to get it into the dealer this afternoon unexpectedly; they kept it overnight and said they’d give me an update in the morning. Meanwhile I keep getting messages popping up in the FordPass app of my truck telling me it has detected an internal fault in the PCM. Doesn’t seem like a good sign but I’ve got my fingers crossed.
In the event someone finds this thread and is having a similar problem, it was the wiring into the gateway module / OBD panel by the hood release. It had a loose connection from assembly and correcting that connection resolved all the issues. A new gateway is being installed and programmed next week but literally a loose wire. So take a look there if you run into this - wiring issues truly suck.