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Mar 14, 2020
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2020 F350 Tremor 6.7L
Who has Adaptive Steering option and what do you think of it? This is my first Ford and it has adaptive steering. Compared to the Sierra HD's I have had, the Ford feels "disconnected" to the road when driving through curvy mountain roads. When I say "disconnected", I mean it doesnt have good steering feel. In the GMC, I could feel when I was pushing the truck a little to hard in a corner where the Superduty doesnt have good feedback in the steering. I feel like it may be because of the adaptive steering. It also may be that it just drives different and I need to get used to its charactistics. I am curious what others think.
My daily driver is a 2019 250 without it. My Tremor has it. I’d spend the money again in a heartbeat.

It’s most noticeable in parking lots and when towing. Especially backing up a trailer.
it's awesome just does its thing.
I have it along with adaptive cruise control and with lane keep on I swear I could take a nap. So smooth and predictable. I drive a back and forth from home to cabin and those creature comforts are important to me. I literally wore out the up and down button on my cruise control on my last truck. I’m coming from a ‘16 Ram 2500. Son of a *$&@# what a difference. I find myself thinking, hmmm what do I need to go get or do??? All I want to do is drive the damn thing. Wow, what a truck!
Only thing I miss on mine is the active lane keeping I had on my '19 Raptor. I would actually turn the wheel for you to keep you in your lane. I didn't/don't use it often but the SD with it's vibration feels like a step backward.