Actual Ford Tremor Payload

Mine is an F-350 and door indicates GVWR 11,500 lbs.

Does it have a sticker showing the payload? Something like this.. (photo from my 17 Raptor)

My '20 F-250 with the 7.3l indicates the payload at 2,872 lbs.
Yep. Short bed SRW 4x4 crew


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F350 6.7 Lariat Sport Tremor

2020 Ford F350 Superduty Tremor w/6.7 Powerstroke - 3,332 lbs - (not mine, still on the hunt!)

2020 Ford F350 Tremor w/6.7 Powerstroke - 3,443 lbs

Velocity Blue Lariat, Packages = Sport, Ultimate, power running boards, rapid heat, dual alternators, no 5th wheel prep
2020 F250 Tremor, 10,000 pound package, 7.3l Gas, - 2970 pounds

2020 F-250 Tremor 6.7l High Capacity Tow 3.55
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Does anyon have an f350 XLT tremor, if Like to see those #s since it's what I have being delivered next month
Heading to the dealer tomorrow to order a Tremor. Even though the 350 and 250 seem to have the same springs, the payloads I see on this thread are about 1,000 pounds different between the two. I'll go with the 350. I've blown tires, engines, or trannies from overloading on EVERY long family vacation with previous vehicles. No more. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that I was crazy overloaded. Maybe it is because Gramps set a bad example with his F100 (in my photo) with the bed level with cut stone and driving it through West Virginia to his house he was building. I don't know how the brakes handled it. 15 mph up and 40 mph in low gear down the mountain passes!
Congrats I was in the same boat price between the two is less than $1k. I can honestly say I am very pleased with the ride of the F350 Tremor it is much smoother than I anticipated
I have absolutely 0 regrets going with the F350. Very happy I did as I now have more options down the road when getting a new camper. I plan on getting a 5th wheel toy hauler soon and would’ve been limited in my choice had I gone with the 250