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Aug 21, 2020
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I have been looking at replacement front bumpers with winch mount capability, but what always stops me is the damn black box sitting on top of the bumper for relocating the ACC. There was a post that someone showed a picture from an F150 (I think) where the relocated the ACC above and behind the grill. Has anyone done this on their SD? I would think, but haven't really looked yet, that there should be plenty of room, would just need to mock up a bracket, reroute the wires and recalibrate. Once the weather warms up, I may start to see what the options may be.

Thanks - Erik
It seems to me that the issue isn't relocating it so much as it is making sure the new location is within the calibration range of the system. The system is making millions of mathematical calculations per minute, calculating the subject vehicle's trajectory but also those of moving objects ahead. The data received and crunched is meaningless if the fixed information the computations rely on is no longer accurate.

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ADD has one...

ADD has one...

Thanks. I have been looking at the ADD bumpers, but missed that their ACC bracket mounts in grill instead of on top of bumper.