A potentially great deal for the northern Tremor brothers/sisters


Nov 20, 2020
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2021 F-250 XLT Tremor 7.3L - Rapid Red
I have recently bought a plow for my Tremor and have always plowed my driveway with my ATV and never needed poles for visibility, but plowing with the truck will be a different animal especially with a long wheelbase. Anyhow, I have been checking out marking poles for my driveway boundaries and rocks, etc. I have been finding marking poles online in the $1.5 - $3.5 range (each) for 6 foot poles. Eyeballing my driveway, I think I need about 28 markers (we also have a tree in the center bordered with boulders). Anyhow, long story short - my Google search eventually lead me to ACE hardware. I found a 36 pack of 6 foot orange poles with reflector tape for $5.99. I thought this to be "too good to be true", probably a mistake, and I ordered them (item #7061880). I went to pick my order up today and they had 1 pole waiting for me ... I immediately said, no way, I ordered a box of 36 poles. They quickly checked and "tried" to honor their web-site mistake. They only had 22 poles in stock which I begrudgingly agreed to take at the same price (I'm not a total dick). They are really good quality! I'm still about 6 poles short of what I think I need. Check for this deal in your area - as of tonight this has not been corrected on their website, so it must be a "special" deal for Tremor owners since I am telling you about it!