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A new way of Thinking


Nov 20, 2020
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Current Ride
2021 F-250 XLT Tremor 7.3L - Rapid Red
Today I was detoured on some back roads that I have never driven. I am keeping my 2021 off of the interstate during the first 1000 miles and set my Nav system to avoid freeways. Anyhow, during this detour, I saw the signs and followed, then came across another sign that said something like "narrow bridge ahead, 4 ton limit"... I kept thinking to myself what is the GVW? 8600# or 6800#, "Do you feel lucky punk!, Well do ya!". I came up to the bridge and prayed that it was 6800#. I drove quickly over that pressure treated lumber bridge while my balls shrank. Whew!, I made it! We have a lot of those types of bridges on our country backroads. I need to plan accordingly especially when I tow. It was a real "oh shit" moment for me. We do have a lot of 2 ton limit bridges where I wouldn't be as lucky. I did discover an amazing restaraunt, a total hidden gem, where we enjoyed a late lunch on a rainy day!
I took interstate a couple hours away for lunch. Then ended up on backroads back. I enjoyed seeing like 25 mpg for the instantaneous mileage for most of the way back.