A/C Randomly Goes Out


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Jan 1, 2020
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Just installed an S&B cold air intake on my 6.7 and when I fired the truck up I noticed I had no cold A/C. The only thing I touched under the hood was the MAF. I heard that the MAF does something for the A/C system but I'm not sure. When I started the truck it had a high idle since it had to learn the new airflow. After testing every fuse in the truck and checking the wiring I was starting to lose hope, I even tried disconnecting the batteries a few times with no luck. I decided to plug in forscan and I got the code P06A0 - variable A/C compressor control circuit. It also gave me an ABS fault because of the PCM fault. I cleared the codes and had no results. I put the truck back to stock so i could take it to the dealer the next day, even when it was stock I had no cold air. I got half way to the dealer and decided to try the air again and it worked perfectly. It seems weird that just letting the truck sit overnight fixed it. I ended up putting the new intake back on and everything works great now. I remember one time before all this when the A/C wasn't working and all I had to do was turn it off and back on. I'm not sure if this is directly related to the new intake or just a coincidence. Anybody have this issue?
I've had this happen at least twice now where the AC appears to be on (all lights, fan was on high, etc.), but there was no air blowing (cold or otherwise). Fiddled with the buttons that control the airflow, magically, it started working. Been watching it to see if I can notice any pattern or like.
You ate one too? ;)