7.3l Misfire issue - I got this info and link from Iron Man here on the forum

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Sep 14, 2019
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I was working out while watching Utube and the TFL guys posted a video on the Utube. Misfire on 1 or more cyclinders. It’s the coil wire. It’s causing a lot of trucks problems and the part is hard to come by. The video is only 3 hours old. But here’s the info for brothers with 7.3L.

I sit and wait until I decide to be diesel free ..but looks like I am going to have to wait a awhile before I jump back into the the first gen 7.3 ..just a matter of time .?
I get year one jitters - I have them on my 6.7 too, but no issues yet there. I don't know if I would read too much into it at this point.

Sure, a faulty coil wire can bring you down for sure, but it is really not a criticism of the motor itself. It's kind of like the reported camera issues. I bet you could get an aftermarket Excel wiring DIY kit and make 8 wires for 50 bucks as backups. I also imagine Ford will be all over this, as the cost is relatively low for customer reviews, versus problems with axles, transmissions, engine internals, etc....

most likely a bad batch of plug wires from a supplier. Usually the case with these sorts of things and probably not something that will be a long term issue, I'd bet.
Hope this is an isolated issue, or a bad batch of plug wires, as Jhblaze1 stated.
This happened with the Mustangs also, I ordered 4 wires to have on hand. Cost $15 from the dealer, but they are back ordered until mid October..
This has happened to a few of our fleet F150’s with the EcoBoost but I don’t have details on the year or engine size.
The scary part is that some of the new vehicles with low mileage can have the problem. I think most of us have to have the reliability. I'm a bit nervous now. I'll be watching for updates on this.
TFL just did a video on this exact issue. Could be worth a watch if you have a 7.3. Seems like it’s going to have to be a common fix.
Well that sucks, looks like a spare set of American Made wires from Summit Racing would be wise