6.7L DPF Back Exhaust's


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Jan 29, 2020
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Has anybody found one that fits?
Will the ones made for the 19's fit?
Flo-Pro makes the 640.....I'll maybe call them later and ask if it will fit. They are made about 10 miles from me.
I am going to add one. But want to make sure its 304 Stainless and quality with 304 mounting hardware and clamps.
The Banks system looks great too.
I got in touch with Flo-Pro and they are test fitting on a 2020 next week; and will let me know what they find out.
So I'll post an update here once they get back to me.
It looks like the 17' - 20 diesel trucks use the same exhaust:

I was looking at the banks monster 5”. It’s alumninized steel. Not stainless. Made for 17-19 trucks but I bet it’ll fit.
So does this fit on 2021 f250 tremor?
The banks correct?
what about the magnaflow 5 inch?

Yes, the Banks. The Magnaflow is no better. They're all 409 stainless, which is an alloy of such a poor quality of steel for corrosion resistance that it requires a coating when used outdoors to prevent iron oxide (red rust) formation on the surface.

The only quality exhaust in this thread is the Roush, which is made from 304.
So does this fit on 2021 f250 tremor?
the 5" doesn't fit. Their 4" does. I haven't purchased a system yet. low priority given that the only benefit is looks
Do they not make a single tip exhaust for f250 2021. I have the Magnaflow 5inch but I don’t like how far it sticks out
What would be best to get fir 250 2021 tremor ,

It's a garbage product and of lower quality than the factory part it replaces, but sure, it'll fit.


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