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6.7l diesel w/10speed MPG

Just got home with mine. Moderate ride home, mostly flat highway. Wasn't going easy on the throttle, but wasn't flooring it either. Didn't have it in Eco mode and was getting ~20-21 mpg going 65-75. Will try to get better numbers once I have a chance to drive it some more.
It's home!

23 miles at a very gentle 45mph with a few stop lights = 21mpg. i'm stunned. my old 2001 7.3 would have been around 12mpg. All this per the Ford trip odometer.

Did a bunch of stop and go this afternoon (about 60 miles), and the trip odometer said 15.2 for 2 hours of ~30mph and a lot of lights, and idling waiting for the wife in stores. Never got over 40mph. I did try eco mode. It didn't feel different than normal mode in slow driving.

Not amazing, but I really cant compare to my old 7.3 since I could only do refill mileage with that truck. Maybe good, maybe bad?

Thanks for posting the results! So far it's sounds really impressive and a nice gain over the old transmission.
Now that the truck been out for a while what mpg is everyone getting now
I only have 650 miles on the truck but my average is 16.8. I do more city driving then freeway.
Mine varies as does my driving, style and loads. I am pleased to get low 14 MPG with heaviest trailer or 5 th wheel. I am bit disappointed in empty freeway MPG 17-18. I have my foot deep into the floor boards and often go 90mph. So I guess that is good.