2WD Low Range Mod for under $20 and under 30 minutes


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Dec 8, 2020
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I did this mod on my previous SDs and will do on my new Tremor after I pick it up as it just landed yesterday. This is a must mod if you ever need to put a trailer or a boat in a tight area without axle bind on the front, It basically puts the hubs in Free mode after you switch in to 4WD low range. I used my upfitter switch 1, you must put in 4WD low first, then flip your upfitter switch which puts your hubs in Free to avoid a " check 4WD warning light"

I picked this up from another forum and all credit goes to Nuctrooper who wrote it, please put this on your to do list if you ever think that 2WD low range could help you out in a tight situation, I use d it all the time at campgrounds with the toyhauler and backing up my steep driveway to put in in its tight place.

Link is here;