2022 Ford Super Duty Colors


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Jan 23, 2021
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Can anyone tell me the 2022 colors? I know the ordering should be open! ?
According to my build sheet, the price of the Base Truck (before options) is $1,500 higher than the '21 I had on order, all other options were exactly the same (I ordered a King Ranch)

I guess that is good and bad...
That's about what I was expecting but this is what I ended up with:
2022 - F250 4X4 CREW CAB PICKUP/160 $62,800
2021 - F250 4X4 CREW CAB PICKUP/160 $61,285
The new Ford Ranger is now getting the Cactus Gray color from the new Bronco. I think this would be an awesome color addition for the 2022 Tremor.

Ford will be having price increases lots of models are going up April 1st no joke. Example 2021 Edge Se 1000.00
I ordered my tremor KR today, wanted lithium gray but its no longer available like previously stated, there is a new green offered but dealer has no idea what it looks like. You would think that type of info would be released to the dealers prior to taking orders. I am getting black and hoping the two tone gets rid of the chrome on the KR like 2021 ordering.
If you go to page 22 of the 2022 order guide, which starts the optional equipment listings for the KR and up, go about 1/2 way down the page to Groups/Packages the first option is Chrome Pkg option code 17C and it shows as Optional for KR.

Then go down to page 29 and it shows all what comes in the Chrome Pkg 17C, and also says Optional on KR.

if you don't have a copy of the Order Guide for 2022, it's posted on this forum or you can google it and find it.