SOLD 2022 F350 Super Duty CCSB Lariat 4x4, 6.7L, Star White with BAP. Only 6100 miles!


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Nov 17, 2021
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Regrettably I'm selling my dream truck which I ordered and waited 8 months to recieve. I'm in the process of purchasing a business so it no longer makes financial sense to keep it.

I'm posting it here first to see if there is any interest before I list it for sale elsewhere. It's not a Tremor, but I think it's a really nice spec.

2022 F350 Super Duty Lariat 4x4
6.7 PowerStroke
Star White with Black Leather
~6100 Miles
Clean title and clean history


Black Appearance Package
Lariat Value Package (Remote Start, Box Lighting, Heated/Cooled Front Seats, Driver's Seat Memory)
UTT Package with 360 Cameras
3.55 Gears with Locker
Supplemental Cab Heater
Engine Block Heater
Skid Plates
Roof Clearance Lights
Rain Sensing Wipers/Heated Steering Wheel
Upfitter Switches
397A Alternators
Garage Door Opener
Tailgate Step
Spray-in Bedliner
Heated Rear Seats
Carpet Delete

The truck is completely stock except for a Tremor valence. Stock 4WD valence will be included.
Husky floor liners will also be included.

5,000 mile service recently completed at the dealership.

Located near Portland, Maine but I'd also be happy to help coordinate shipping.

$83k OBO


















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Just curious… isn’t 85k a little steep for a truck with these options? Doesn’t even have the tremor package

No hate or bashing asking price. Just curious
Price is definitely high, I think it would be hard for him to get $75,000 for this truck.
This truck would list at a dealer for 85k all day long.

Is it a lot, yup; is it in line with the market, yup. November/December is an ideal time to sell an HD truck, espically when there is no trucks on the lots for the contractors to buy before the end of the year.
If you're interested in the truck, feel free to make an offer. Otherwise, what's the point of your post?

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Crazy times when a used truck price is at or over original MSRP. Fortunately you are getting close to the end of the year where business may need to invest in assets for tax purposes. Couple that with super low inventory could be a decent time to sell. I would recommend trying some other marketing sources as well as checking with local dealers, or some of the bigger buying sites if they are available in your area. A dealer around me is so desperate for inventory they are advertising they are paying outright for newer cars / pickups and supposedly for over listed trade values. Good luck on your sale.
We picked up at the same time roughly, and were build one after the other if you remember, with vins next to each other:) Good luck with sale!
We picked up at the same time roughly, and were build one after the other if you remember, with vins next to each other:) Good luck with sale!

Yes! Thank you! I hope you've been enjoying yours. I'm really going to miss owning this truck, it's been a great experience.
Honestly I don’t think it’s any of are business. Especially after he was heckled over pricing on his original post!
That’s true, but some of us were nice…