2022 F250 Tremor Order issues and tips


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May 24, 2021
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Just wanted to share my experience with issues ordering a tremor and to give some tips.

I went to a local dealer to place an order about 2 weeks ago, sat down with a sales guy and went on the ford website to build it out. Went smoothly from my perspective, but then I got a call a week later saying that they are no longer taking orders using the website because ford is no longer doing custom orders for 2021 model year. So they said they will try to resubmit the order on the "new" system for the 2022 model year. Another week goes by, they tell me they tried and tried and they CANNOT build out the truck how I specked out the 2021's because the truck "changed" so much. For instance they we telling me I can't have the 6.7 engine with the tremor package because of the tires or I can't have winch with the lariat ultimate package, just a bunch of weird random stuff. DO NOT ACCEPT THAT!

Here is what I did to resolve the issue they were having:

1. Scheduled a meeting with the "fleet/custom ordering" gentleman not the salesmen.
2. Get a piece of paper and write down the equivalent codes from their system of the packages/options you want.
3. Build the truck on the ford website and notate every time you add a package and it tells you need the following perquisites notate the perquisites as well.
4. In their system add all perquisite codes BEFORE adding any packages.

For what ever reason their ordering system will not tell you what the perquisites are or conflicts for a particular package are, they will just give you some weird unhelpful error code. Here are some examples I'm sorry I didn't take good notes so I may be missing info:
  • When I wanted to the put the 6.7 and a tremor package on, it would fail because and list an error code something about the tires. The reason for that code is that the gentleman doing the order added extra unnecessary codes such as the 17X package aka the FX4 off road package. The FX4 package is superseded by the tremor package which is code 17Y. Have them remove the 17X if they put it on there! The system doesn't have the logic to remove it for you, it will just complain until all the codes are input in the correct order. The Tremor package also requires you to have either the high capacity tow package which is code 535 or the UTT which is 53Q you CAN'T have both it will complain. You also need to add the X3J code or the rear 3.55 E locker or the tremor package will fail.
  • When I wanted to add the winch I got an error code, and it was because it did not have the alternator upgrade which was 67B.

Fortunately the guys at the shop were willing to work with me and let me troubleshoot the issues with them, and we did eventually get every single option I wanted on the new 2022 build. Make sure to get the codes in the right order. I am alittle nervous about the build still because they had VERY generic descriptions on the packages so I hope it comes out as I expected. . Funny thing was a few guys overheard the conversation and we had a few guys looking over our shoulders because they all had tried to build out the truck a bunch of times without success. They were having similar issues with other custom car/truck orders as well but the customers took them for their word on the conflicts. I didn't want that to happen to anyone else so I'm sharing my experience.

On a side note, my order got a priority code of 19 and wasn't able to escalate to 10 as some others on the forum were able to do.
I think your salesman was clueless right off the bat. Ordering for the 21's closed on March 15th.
I stuck with it for this warranty. Hoping this is legit, it would make the Hassel worthwhile.


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