2021 vs 2022 F250 Tremor order

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Feb 25, 2021
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Hi All

New to the forum and had a question on ordering a 2021 F250 Tremor before March 15 (assuming that is the last day Ford accepts 2021 MY orders) and if it is an option to cancel and roll it into a 2022 if there are changes and improvements even though you place an order for a 2021. Has anyone tried to do this?

thanks in advance !
You aren’t forced to buy anything. May risk a deposit but they’d probably put it towards a new vehicle if you switch.
2 of 4 local to me dealers required no deposit and the other 2 wanted $1000. Both that required no deposit stated they would have no issue selling the truck I ordered, if I walked away, and that I was under no obligation to buy. Of those two I chose the one closest to me to order through.