2021 - Has your truck been scheduled?


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Aug 14, 2020
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  1. Did you order a 2021?
  2. Has your truck been scheduled?
  3. What date range are you looking at?
I ordered mine on 8/20 and it still hasn't been scheduled.
Order for my 21 Lariat went through 8/19. Still no VIN or scheduling. Was kinda figuring I might hear something next week on scheduling.
Ordered mine over Labor Day weekend and it still hasn’t been scheduled. I’ve seen that 2021 builds won’t start (depending on the plant) late Oct. mid Nov. my dealership gave me a delivery timeframe of January or February. But I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.
I ordered mine on August 24 and haven’t been scheduled yet. After reading through some of the forum on here I made some changes to my build earlier this week, so I don’t know if that will move me further down the build list. Hoping to get more info next week. Sounds like Ford is going to start 2021 production on October 26. My dealership told me that they build some stock first for testing then they build customer orders. They said that I will probably have my truck in November or December.
Ordered mine 9/15 no vin or build date yet. Hoping for some more info in 2 weeks according to my dealer. My priority number is 19. Will update everyone as I get more info.
order mine over Labor Day - priority number is 12 - heard nothing at this point... I'll post updates as well.
Just ordered mine on 9/17 with a priority number of 10.. Got to have it by years end..