2020 Super Duty specs


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Oct 4, 2019
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I've been frustrated waiting for FORD to post payload and all other specs on their website. I remembered a source I ran across while waiting for them to release info on the then upcoming F150 changes.
Go here https://fordbbas.com/publications click on the Body Builder Layout Book drop-down, then the 2020 BBLB-SUPERDUTY F-series.
It will open a PDF released Sep. 25 2019. You will find more info than you could possibly need while researching the capabilities of the new series.
The reason I've been waiting is because I have a slide in cab-over camper. Besides payload numbers (which I know will be more than sufficient since I currently use a F150) it has dimensions such as bed rail height, bed floor to top of cab and a plethora of other info pertinent to clearance issues.