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A lot of us are the do it yourself type. There is a lot of information out there to support us if you look in the right areas. I would like to keep a running thread of accurate information sources for those of us who want to get into detailed modifications.

Some of the information that would be useful:
  • Vehicle schematics/diagrams
  • Electrical schematics
  • part diagrams based on trim levels and options
This information will allow us to tap into wiring harnesses that are unused or add factory options that our trucks did not come with. Since the Super Duty is offered as a cab and chassis design many of the components on the vehicle are modular. Your vehicle may already have a lot of the components you need to add those LED box lights, upfitter switches, LED headlights and various other components that were not included in the original build.

Here are some current sources of information, please keep all posts relevant to 2020 or newer Tremor info. Yes 2019 and later stuff may be applicable but unless it specifically states it in the documents lets assume its not good for 2020+ model years.

fordbbas.com - Click on publications or bulletins to find a lot of information on adding or deleting factory items to cab and chassis builds
Ford Service Manual - should have info on parts and wiring diagrams based on trim levels along with complete motor and transmission rebuild info
Parts.Ford.com - Currently the best I have found for finding parts but is not user friendly or give good graphics on parts and their locations.

Let me know what else I should add or other good sources of information.

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