1st gear in low range for a non-Tremor 2020 F-350 7.3L gasser 4.30 pigs, E-locker, 10R140 trans?

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Sep 14, 2020
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Is there a way to make the 1st gear, low range lockout for non-Temor come back?
My low range starts in 2nd gear.
I'm a former rock crawler and used to 130:1 and 142:1 final drive in my CJ-8, and want some crawl ratio back for the truck.
Is it simply a flashing thing?
Use the manual shifting button on the column shifter.

As you click the down button you can watch the gears on your display fall off and down from ten. This is how you would lock out at the highest gear you wanted to use.

If you wanted to drop down in low just manually lock the gears down to one dy clicking the downshift button until only the one is visible on your gear display.

hmm, i thought the gear lockout thing with the - on the stalk was in D. I thought 'M' was manual and you had to shift yourself. It's been a while since I used it though.

Edit:, seems to work the way I thought according to this video

You just have to use the same button as you would in manual to lock down the gears