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Aug 12, 2020
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Who’s running 17”s & why? I’ve had 18”s on my last three trucks but, like the profile on 17”s.
Who’s running 17”s & why? I’ve had 18”s on my last three trucks but, like the profile on 17”s.
I didn't go 17" wheels because I bought Power stop brake up grade. Smaller rim gives less room for breaks. There was a thread that 17" rims can sqeeze the stock breaks. Some people running 20" wheels, and that you can get even better Break upgrades. Chris got into an accident earlier and said he couldn't stop the truck fast enough. We had a discussion on it. I don't have my truck yet, but Snake Pit said he went with Power Stop Break set up front and back Rotors and pads, and it was a big improvement. I asked him for the link. It was 640$ with tax and shipping. I had to order it for a 2019 Super Duty. The pad is much bigger. Chris just changed his pads to Power Stop and said when he took off the stock pads they were falling apart and he was surprised at how much smaller they were compared to power stop. This is a very heavy truck and I'm going to want it to stop So just keep that in mind. Happy New Year. ???:cool:
17s have better ride, less chance of damage, better offroad capability. 18s aren't bad but I think they look A little better on such a big truck. I wouldn't go bigger than 18"
This, for off-road the smaller the wheel the better but you have to clear the brakes.
Agreed, I think an 18" wheel and 35x12.50 tire is a great combo for this truck.
That's what I'm running. Highly regret not doing 37s, 35s look so small. Other than that it looks perfect.
I have 17s on my Raptor and 18s on the Tremor The wife and I decided there is too much rubber on the 17s so we are going to change them out for a 18" wheel.

I would not go more than 18" on an off road vehicle if you drive only on the street and want to look cool the 20s or 22s are the ticket.
Old rule of thumb for an all purpose off road rig. Well, not that old. Just old enough for the new big rims they have these days. Or old as in since 16.5" rims were the big thing.

Don't run a rim taller than about half the height of the tire. So a 34 is the shortest on a 17 and a 36 is the shortest on an 18. A 35 splits the difference and is close enough. This is a good compromise. This is to allow a tall enough side wall for good off road performance and a short enough side wall to limit the bad handling effects on the highway of a tall sidewall.

If I had a blank slate and a true off road rig I would run 17s.
Put 17's on my Tremor for multiple reasons. First I think the look is better with 35 inch tires and 17's, probably up to 37's for me to stay with 17's. But the main reason was for running in the sand dunes, more rubber for cushion and also to flatten out in the sand. Someone mentioned brakes, don't see how aftermarket brakes is going to cause an issue with 17's unless you go with larger calipers. Just changing the rotors will be just fine.
My nephew runs 17" Methods with 37" Grapplers. His biggest grip about the 17's are the Wheel Weights hitting the Calipers. The tire installer has to know where he can, or can't put the stick-on wheel weights.
Personally, I'm good with 17s or 18s, both look good to me. Anything bigger is just too Street Queen'ish for my taste.
If you look at load rating and capacity’s, I feel like there’s a lot of better options for 17’s vs 18’s between 35 and 37”. Price being considered, you get a bit more bang for your buck on tire options.