HOT! '17-22 Foot Rest/Dead Pedal

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Working on developing a dead pedal/foot rest for 2017-2022 Super Duty, that will sit just outside of the travel arc and to the right of the parking brake lever. I think it will be a good compromise and still comfortable based on putting my foot in the planned spot.

For now plan is for it to be a no-drill install.

Adding a poll.

No plans for '23 and up until a truck gets generously donated 😂
Please work on one for ‘23+! I’d be happy to provide my truck, if I were closer, but I’m sure there are some forum members near you.
Received a part from Ford today that will help further the development of the dead pedal. It won't be an inexpensive product by any means.
Pedal design was finished and sent off to have a final prototype cut and bent. I'll be doing the raised dimples in house with the upgraded shop press.

I'm finishing up the mount attachment design and having that sent off next to be machined.

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Im on the waiting list so hurry up Eh!! LOL
hope you will ship to Canada also 🍁
This is perfect for left-footers! Great job Bronco.
Showing pedal area (it's adjustable on preference) and clearance between parking brake actuator when it's applied. Happy with the implementation so far.


The final pedal prototype will arrive tomorrow, then I can dimple it. If the fit is as expected, the mount will get machined next.
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