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  1. Rigger

    DIY Suspension Install

    For those of you that have installed your suspension yourself, please post up how it went. Easy? Difficult? What kind of specialty tools do you need? Background: I have worked on suspensions on several of my Land Cruisers, have changed leaf springs and shocks. My main concern on those was...
  2. Rigger

    Smelly console

    I know, right? Weird problem! The inside of my console has a bad smell; sorta chemically, like rubber. I put a box of baking soda in there to try and remediate it. It’s not helping much. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Rigger

    Rigger's Rapid Red 2021 Tremor

    I'm going to post some details of my truck here, and also try and organize how it's equipped. Mine is the F-250 Lariat with the 6.7 Diesel. Here's how it is equipped: Exterior: No soft drop tailgate, and no remote drop tailgate. The tailgate is manual. I like that when you lock the truck, the...
  4. Rigger

    Odd noise from headlights?

    I go to the garage. It's quiet. Silent. I open the door to the Tremor, then close it. Then I hear a noise from under the hood. A faint, high pitched whine, like a tiny little motor has turned on. Later, I go out to the garage. The noise has stopped. Any idea what I'm hearing?
  5. Rigger

    Seat moves back on shutoff - disable?

    When I shut off the truck, the driver seat moves back. Can this feature be turned off?
  6. Rigger

    SOLD Console safe

    SOLD! My Tremor came with a safe. I took it out. New. Perfect condition. Yours for $225 plus shipping. PM me.