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  1. MrMallerd

    Ceramic coating Should I or should I not.

    Have 22 ordered. Rapid Red, Sport Package with matching Bumper & Grill. My first inclination is to have PPF added to front bumper & Grill & have it Ceramic Coated. Historically, I have not been very good at keeping a vehicle clean. Fast forward & the put in an automatic car wash less than...
  2. MrMallerd

    Will the Stars align??????

    For the last twenty years I have made an annual trip to SK waterfowl hunting the last week of September, with the exception of last year. They closed the border March of 2020, so no trip. To date, the Canada border is still closed. I have promised my 22 year old son, that I would take him once...
  3. MrMallerd

    First Day for 2022 Retail Scheduling

    So, Who is going to get their 2022 scheduled first? Who is going to get their email first? How about a contest with the winner getting a brand spanking new 2022 TREMOR. Only drawback, is you have to pay for it. 😀 Please post up scheduling info along with date ordered.
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  5. MrMallerd

    Tailgate step vs bed step

    Which did you get & why?
  6. MrMallerd

    I might have to wait for my Tremor,

    but, I at least got my hat. Maybe we should get Ford Production to take a lesson from Modified.(y)
  7. MrMallerd

    2022 Orders

    With several on here ordering 2022s, & considering we have lots of time on our hands, it would be interesting to see what everybody is purchasing prior to receipt. Not really sure on the group buy, Considerting we have 3 to 5 months of waiting, that would be 3 to 5 Group Buys, things could get...