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  1. Cococounty

    Ford ranger tremor 👎🏻

    Just watched part of the video 4200 for the tremor package I think we all got a good deal side steps on a ranger last time I drove one you fall into the seat and not a big fan of where they place the upfitter switches thank Ford’s just taking people’s money on the tremor logo now
  2. Cococounty

    Got Grill lights installed

    Got my grill lights installed have not run power yet that’s tomorrow’s job playing with Upfitter wiring had to cut some teeth out of the grill removed them from my 2019
  3. Cococounty

    Stopped to look at 2021 tremor

    Dam I’m glade I got 2020 the tremor mark up is getting going stopped to look at 2021 and they wanted 90k for a lariat not cool on these dealerships these guys are f😆😆king people
  4. Cococounty

    New tremor getting delivered Brentwood ca for sale

    Look sharp still on the truck diesel bill Brandt ford not mine it’s for sale
  5. Cococounty

    It’s a ford thing

    Went into camp world in Vacaville CA parked way away from every one and backed in this is what I find when I walk out I’m the Middle truck 👍🏻