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  1. Rigger

    Vehicle Genders and Names

    I called my first truck Suzanne after a high school crush. Later had a car that I named Ramble Tamble. I call my ‘69 Land Cruiser “Hard Ways”. I was thinking I’d name my Tremor “Hardware” or “Sledgehammer“.
  2. Rigger

    Happy Father's Day.

    My daughter gave me a new coffee mug. And some garlic sea salt. I’m gonna try that salt on some prime rib. She also gave me an omelette turner.
  3. Rigger

    Happy Father's Day.

    Enjoy the day, gentlemen.
  4. Rigger

    Busted Tail Light: Need Replacement Advice

    Buy the Ford factory replacement. Stock rocks!
  5. Rigger

    Old Ford video (neat)

    @BroncoHooves I can tell from your post that you and I are kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing that video.
  6. Rigger

    Rigger's Rapid Red 2021 Tremor

    I ordered my Carli kit from Top Tier Suspension. Good folks, and fast shipping.
  7. Rigger

    Installed new graphics!

  8. Rigger

    Rigger's Rapid Red 2021 Tremor

    The Tremor is waiting for the install.
  9. Rigger

    Rigger's Rapid Red 2021 Tremor

    My Carli parts showed up:
  10. Rigger

    DIY Suspension Install

    After consideration, I decided I won’t be doing this job myself.
  11. Rigger

    Essential items. What are yours?

    AAA card
  12. Rigger

    What else do you drive?

    Also have a ‘14 Tundra. And a few lawnmowers.
  13. Rigger

    What else do you drive?

    ‘08 Land Cruiser
  14. Rigger

    What else do you drive?

    '69 FJ40
  15. Rigger

    Fox has stopped production!

    We live in weird times.
  16. Rigger

    DIY Suspension Install

    Went looking for them and cannot find them. Can you please put up a link?
  17. Rigger

    DIY Suspension Install

    Note to my point on where to position jack stands: Forward of the front axle, right where the sway bar connects to the frame, looks like a nice location.
  18. Rigger

    DIY Suspension Install

    I was under the truck today. Goal: determine where on the frame to position the jack stands to support the truck. The radius arms get in the way from the front axle all the way back the length of the arm, so I'd have to go behind the radius arm rear attachment point. Or, I have to go forward of...
  19. Rigger

    Some small and easy upgrades today...

    Did you just rattle can the yokes? They look great!
  20. Rigger

    Balance Beads, Yes or No?

    I have never used them, but this thread right here is the first time I have read anything positive about them. I'll just get my tires balanced in the regular way.