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    Aftermarket Wheels & Tire size/offset photos

    Here is what 18x9 fuel blitz wheels with -12 and 35" 12.50 nitto ridge grapplers look like: (Photo Credit: Josh M)
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    2020 or 2021

    Welcome to the forum @Moringa (y)
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    Land Rover's 3D Camera System

    This is completely off topic, but some pretty cool tech. Check out the videos above showing off the new 3d camera system in the Land Rover Defender. I'd like to see something similar on the next Super Dutys.
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    Ford sales fall 33.3% in 2020 Q2

    The only thing I can think of is it's due to the lack of inventory. It's nearly impossible to find a Tremor with the sport package. The dealers that do have them in stock want top dollar. I just read an article on TFLtruck that stated "GMC Sierra HD’s sales actually increased over the past...
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    2020 or 2021

    Welcome to the forum @IceSoldier88 and thanks for your service 🍻 I've been searching every day for 2021 Super Duty information. I'm guessing we won't see any major changes with the 2021s. I'm still on the hunt for a Tremor. I'm sure I'll keep this truck for the next 7-10 years so I would...
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    Ford sales fall 33.3% in 2020 Q2

    That's what I've been hearing from most of the dealers I talk to. I think it looks worse because that figure includes fleet sales, which have dropped off quite a bit.
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    2021 Bronco

    Here's the latest press release on the reveal: Ford Motor is partnering with Disney for unique unveilings of its new lineup of Bronco SUVs as automakers globally seek alternative ways to garner attention for highly-anticipated vehicles during the coronavirus pandemic. The automaker will unveil...
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    2021 Bronco

    I believe you will be able to do it through Ford's website.
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    Ford uses TomTom for Traffic in SYNC4

    Detroit, USA, July 2, 2020 – TomTom (TOM2), the location technology specialist, has been awarded a global multi-year deal to power Ford’s next-generation SYNC® with its real-time traffic service. Ford’s all-new 2021 F-150 pickup – revealed just days ago – and the soon to be delivered...
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    Ford sales fall 33.3% in 2020 Q2

    Ford Motor reported Thursday that its U.S. vehicle sales in the second quarter were down 33.3%, in-line with industry expectations as the coronavirus caused consumers to stay at home, and dealerships and factories to shutter. Ford’s decline was less than its crosstown rivals. Year over year...
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    July 2020 - Tremor of the Month.. Starts Now!

    @JDBoss - Now that's a great way to kick off the contest! Excellent photo!
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    July 2020 - Tremor of the Month.. Starts Now!

    Ladies and Gents it is time for the July 2020 Ford Tremor - Truck of the Month photo contest. Now is the perfect time to show off your Tremor! No need to spend hours detailing your truck for this contest because this month's it's just all about using your Tremor. Whether it's mud, dirt, sand...
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    Exterior - On Board Air Installation

    Check out the post from Rock Taxi featuring a great guide installing the Viair Dual Platinum 485C Onboard Air System:
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    Interior - Tactical Seat Covers

    Check out the post from davidb1841 featuring Tactical Seat Covers: Thread locked - Just testing a new feature.
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    2021 Bronco

    I'm thinking one will replace my wife's 4runner. A Tremor and Bronco will be a good combo at our house. New teaser photos released:
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    2021 Bronco

    July 13th. Also 2021 Ford Bronco reservations will open and require $100 deposit during the reveal.
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    New Virginia Tremor Owner!

    Welcome to the forum @SManZ - Congrats on the new Tremor!
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    2021 Bronco

    Getting close to the release. 13 days!
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    New Tremor ordred!

    Sounds like Ford is really starting to roll these trucks out of the factory again.
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    Another Raptor Convert

    Welcome to the forum @AngryBird - Congrats on the new Tremor! 🍻 I'll eventually be another one of those Raptor converts.