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  1. ftchmup

    Ultimate Towing Package

    Well, I thought I didn't need it and come to find out it would come in REAL handy..... I would rather not have to buy a different truck... Can I add "ultimate towing package" to my non UTP truck??
  2. ftchmup

    ATC toy hauler

    Anybody? They really have my interest. Mountain bikes and my boys CR25r. Who has one?
  3. ftchmup

    Memory seats, with a bad memory!

    Can’t figure out why they work sometimes but not all... any thoughts? it‘s driving me crazy!
  4. ftchmup

    Tail light wiring diagram.

    Who has got one? Looking for the reverse light to trigger my installed Rigid lights. Looked for hours and not positive. Really don’t wanna go sticking a probe in all the tail light wires.......